Top 21 Tips On How To have Too many Leads!

1. Post Your IDX Site On Facebook

We recommend posting it no more than 2 times per week.

2. Center All You Marketing Around Your IDX Site

Instead of adverting 1 listing, instead advertise your entire IDX site since that is exactly what buyers and sellers want!

3. Seller Farm Area

Instead of sending in a CMA, why not send in your IDX site. After all, searching homes is what sellers do for 6 to 12 months before contacting an agent.

4. Buyer Farm Area.

Buyers search online for homes 8 to 12 weeks before contacting an agent. Now they can use your cool IDX site and suddenly you know exactly who they are!

5. Current Clients

Make sure they are using your IDX site! You certainly do not want they using any other site such as, or Zillow. Why not? Because that gives them the chance to contact another agent... meaning you lose out on the sale!

6. Past Clients

Now that's an awesome way to stay-n-touch by giving them access to your IDX site!

7. Database

Once again make sure you are offering your IDX site to absolutely everyone in your database of contacts.

8. Family & Friends

These are your best supporters. Make sure they know all about your IDX site!

9. Google Adwords

What an awesome way to use your IDX site to get leads!

10. Facebook Ads

Come on now... get excited. One of our clients got 32 leads off just 1 $20 ad on Facebook!

11. Open Houses

Don't let that lead walk out of that open house within your cool IDX site website address in their hands.

12. Yard Sign Rider

Wow! Another great way for you to grab motivated leads!

13. Car Ads

Why not drive around town with your cool IDX website address plastered all over your car!

14. FSBOs & Expired Leads

Hey... they deserve to know about your powerful IDX site too!

15. Bus & Subway Ads

That that's what you call a 'captured' audience!

16. Movie Theater Ads

Put your IDX site on the BIG screen!

17. Sponsorship

Why not sponsor a community group amateur sports team!

18. Co-op Ads

Professionals like dentists, doctors and lawyers have clients to whom they send ads, reminders and newsletters. Why not have a chat and get your IDX site listed in their communications.

19. Blanket Sign Ads

For cities that still allow for this... buy 1000 signs and put them up all over the joint!

20. Billboards

For those agents knowing the value of this advertising... remember,... include your IDX website address!

21. Your Imagination

We are confident you can come up with even more ways to explode your income!