IDX Website FAQ

Browse our frequently asked questions below. If your questions is now answered please don't hesitate to contact us.

Also you can view demo here and see the order page for pricing.

1. Are there any hidden charges or contracts to sign?

No catches and no contract... you can cancel any time you want.

2. What is the price for the service?

See order page or click here: Order Now

3. Are the sites editable?

IDX site is customizable... the lead sites are not.

4. Can I alter the color and theme of the sites?

No as this is not necessary at all. Colors are a personal matter. Plus it really does not matter to the lead.

5. Can I offer my own reports?

Yes you can through the instant auto responder and drip email system. But once again it is really not necessary as the purpose of the report information sites is simply to harvest contact information.

6. Can I use a web site address I already own for any of the sites?

Yes. Simply go to your domain name provider and point your url to any of the sites within the system.

7. Are there any limitations to the sites?


8. Can I import email addresses to the service?


9. Can I export emails from the service to my computer?


10. Is the marketing material provided and if so at what cost?

You provide your own.

11. How long does it take for the service to become active once I join?

Instantly. But your IDX feed requires you to do a few things that may take a little time.

12. Is there a money back guarantee?

No, it's a website!

13. Is there a guarantee on the service in terms of results.

No as no honest company can offer such a guarantee. How would any company really know if an agent is using the system and for that matter even prospecting for leads, listings, buyers and sales?